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airport engineering Airports connection with travelers through 5G


Dura-Line, through its HDPE conduit, allows airports to stay connected with travelers.

As data communications becomes more imperative to the daily lives of travelers, it is important that airports support these needs by maintaining a reliable, high-speed broadband connectivity to keep up with the demands of a growing fiber network.


As technological advancements like 5G are deployed into airports, it is important to have a scalable, adaptable network to meet the industry’s growth while delivering a better travel experience. This avoids costly and disruptive projects that require having to dig up and re-cable every time technology evolves. A scalable, adaptable network saves future construction and labor costs, is more efficient, and does not disrupt the travel journey.

Passenger travel has been forecasted to double by 2037 to approximately 8.2 billion according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Meeting this growth will require a robust fiber network.

It might be easy to think of airport networks as the Wi-Fi you use while sitting at your gate, but an airport fiber network connects so much more. It encompasses all of the airline connectivity to its host DCS, airport building management systems, shared resource management systems, concessionaire needs, baggage handling systems, airport security, cargo applications, CONRAC facilities, to name a few. Add in passengers who are working from their phones or laptops, trying to stream an online meeting, and those who are web surfing, it is essential that airports are capable to support the high-speed broadband demand.


As 5G grows in the coming years, airports are making sure passengers and airport stakeholders have the latest connectivity and technology. 5G addresses dense areas and with higher throughput, lower latency and larger bandwidths, it can directly benefit airports.

The possibilities of how 5G may impact airports in several ways, include:

  • Ultrafast passenger connectivity through turbo-charged networks for streaming and downloading
  • Biometric boarding and security screening
  • Smart luggage tracking and baggage handling
  • Personalized wayfinding
  • Food delivery to gates
  • Enhanced airport operations powered by artificial intelligence
  • Increased use of automation like autonomous vehicles and robotics that serve as a passenger concierge
  • Air traffic control benefits and tracking UAV’s
  • Turnaround times for departure gates and integrated resource management systems for ground handlers, caterers and fueling
  • Enhanced systems for passenger flow, dwell and wait time monitoring

Dura-Line works to provide airports with a flexible, ready to adapt network for easy upgrades with little to no disruption of the passengers, airlines, concessionaires and airport employees. Conduit lays the way for future expansions without the need to dig up the old cable in order to install the new.


When the Denver International Airport reached its capacity to meet high-speed broadband technologies, it required an advanced, maintenance-free fiber network to elevate passengers’ flying experience. The network demand included providing for all of the airlines, rental car companies, concessionaires and service providers within the airport. Dura-Line was able to accommodate this need with MicroDucts. Air-jetting the fiber cable was faster and a fraction of the overall cost of conventional cabling.

By upgrading the infrastructure system, Denver International Airport is now able to make moves, adds and changes to support airlines as needed with no disruption to the passengers and terminal operations. The new network also allows for a real-time response to the TSA, CBP and airport staff needs to support future reguirement changes and evolving technology, including 5G wireless capabilities with unprecedented speed and unlimited bandwidth capacity.