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Specialty Conduit

Specialty Conduit

Dura-Line offers the widest range of Specialty Conduit products, ranging from Tornado Plus to Locatable to LSZH. Customers using Specialty products leverage the unique characteristics for particular projects. Dura-Line's Specialty Conduits are designed and manufactured to perform to meet application-specific requirements such as aerial, locatable, providing superior mechanical protection, and fire resistant spaces.


Tornado is specially designed to facilitate faster cable blowing. Developed by Dura-Line’s research team in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology, Tornado Plus has outperformed conventional ducts in extensive field trials.

The inner spiral rib design of Tornado creates an air cushion tornado effect, imparting an increased pulling force on the cable. The cable rides on the air cushion, eliminating contact with the duct, and greatly reduces the friction. Installations can see two times the cable blowing compared to conventional Smoothwall ducts.

  • Consistent and faster blowing speeds
  • Further cable placing distances, up to double typical distances for faster network builds
  • Lower stress on fiber – 30% less pulling force required than manual pulling


DuraSure conduit allows for exact depth and location of the conduit after it’s been placed in the ground. The design of DuraSure includes a co-extruded highly conductive copper wire encased in HDPE along the entire length of the conduit. The wire emits a signal that can be traced by a hand-held duct locator, displaying the depth and location.

  • Accurate depth measurement
  • Effective over long distance
  • Telecom network can be tracked and located accurately, preventing expensive unintentional cuts by third parties
  • Use with GPS Receiver and Transmitter

CableCon (Cable in Conduit)

CableCon is manufactured from flexible HDPE conduit and provides a permanent pathway, simplifying future cable repairs. The preinstalled cable is protected long term from shifting ground, rock and root impingement. Available in continuous lengths, this product reduces joining costs.

  • Excellent low temperature properties
  • Available with UV protect for aerial/lashed placement
  • No blowing cable required
  • Used in direct burial and concrete encasement applications


Dura-Line was the first to pioneer a new formula for Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) Conduit. Our new formula exhibits excellent properties such as low flame propagation, low smoke generation, zero halogen emissions, and excellent low temperature mechanical properties. LSZH Conduit are designed for use in applications where smoke, toxic fumes, and acidic gas pose a health risk and possible damage to electronic equipment. Examples include enclosed public areas and poorly ventilated areas such as tunnels, mass transit corridors, behind-the-wall, control rooms, and confined spaces.

LSZH Characteristics:

  • Very low smoke generation for better visibility
  • No halogens, safer to use in confined spaces
  • 10 bar maximum installation pressure
  • Compatible with standard micro couplers and accessories