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Quality, Sustainability & Safety

Prioritizing Quality, Sustainability, & Safety

Dura-Line has an established reputation with the industries it serves for high-quality products and our expert field engineers and sales team. We take pride in our global manufacturing capability and our state-of-the-art R&D lab. Every part of the manufacturing process is monitored with environmentally-friendly sustainable efforts in mind. Quality, sustainability, and safety are important to Dura-Line.




Dura-Line is committed to delivering value to our customers by providing, on-time goods, services, and information to meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers. We strive for high levels of customer loyalty, seek long-term commitments, and productive customer relationships. Dura-Line is one of the only conduit suppliers registered to TL9000 and ISO 9001. The Quality Plan Includes:

  • Testing Incoming Raw Materials: HDPE resin and other components
  • Consistent setup and operation of processes
  • Testing of each product to ensure compliance to applicable standards, including ASTM, NEMA, NSF, TC-7 Standards, along with Dura-line
  • Specifications and/or Customer Specifications, to name a few
  • Inspection of all products by Production and Quality Personnel
  • Regular feedback on performance, issues, and improvement plans is gathered and acted upon to continuously improve operations and customer experience

Our Employee Involvement Program is designed to include all employees. This program provides a method for recognition of employees who demonstrate dedication to safety, quality and to the cost-effective production of our products. This program also invites employees to actively participate in the implementation of their ideas. Employees are chosen to become the Dura-Line Employee of the Month based on their work performance.

Part of the foundation of our Quality Program is data based Continuous Improvement. We take a team approach to problem solving and improvement efforts. We practice and encourage open communication about the business through a variety of channels, including communicating on business priorities and situations, as they develop, towards a shared vision of growth.



There are several environmental benefits associated with using HDPE:

  • Non-leaching
  • Flexible, non-rusting materials minimizes leaks common in corroded steel pathways
  • Resin and pipe have a superior resistance to failure, corrosion, tuberculation, deposits, and rapid crack propagation (RCP)
  • Modern manufacturing methods allow for hundreds, or even thousands, of feet of continuous extrusion, which results in fewer joints
  • High performance in extreme temperatures, which greatly reduces compromised pathways
  • Reduced transportation, handling, and installation due to quick installation with less heavy machinery which reduces fuel and labor usage as well as ground disturbance when compared with installation of steel counterparts
  • Joints typically use a mechanical coupler, rather than a glue-based solvent which gives off noxious fumes
  • Fewer and smaller handholes required
  • Low lifecycle costs
  • Useful life of HDPE is estimated at 50+ years
  • Studies have shown that HDPE can withstand scratching and gouging up to 10-20 percent with no detrimental effects to the long-term performance of the pipe
  • Versatility of design allows for multiple applications in several industries

Manufacturing Responsibly


American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Provisions

Dura-Line meets American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Provisions. Dura-Line produces all of its American pipe products in the United States. These products are compliant with the Buy American requirement of the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.


The protection of our environment, and the health and safety of our employees, our customers and our communities is an integral part of Dura-Line’s goal to be a world class global company. At Dura-Line, safety comes first. We embrace safety with a focus on preventative safety practices to achieve an ultimate goal of zero injuries. Every employee is accountable for his or her safety and health as well as everyone else on the Dura-Line team.

Since most industrial injuries and property loss through accidents are preventable, Dura-Line has established a comprehensive health and safety program. The purpose of this program is to provide the safety of all personnel and to eliminate any known hazards that could lead to a potential injury. We will seek to continuously improve our practices in light of advances in technology and new understandings in health and safety.

Every one of us must at all times:

  • Take a pro-active stance to initiate and maintain a safe and healthful environment
  • Enforce all rules of the Dura-Line Safety Program
  • Be committed to continuous improvement of the safety process
  • Follow established safety procedures
  • Avoid all unsafe acts
  • Use and maintain equipment safety guards
  • Wear personal protection equipment (PPE), where required, for their own safety
  • Report immediately all accidents and hazards
  • Follow established safety rules
  • Be committed to continuous improvement of the safety process

It is our worldwide policy to manufacture and market our products and operate our facilities while complying with all applicable environmental, health and safety rules and regulations. The health and safety of our customers, our employees and the communities in which we operate is paramount in all we do. As a team, we can make it happen.